YouTube marketing has recently become an integral part of all successful businesses online and offline. According to Alexa ranking, after Facebook and Google, YouTube is the third most visited website in the world. Research and data show that YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day, and the total number of people who use YouTube is 1,300,000,000.

Many businesses and establishments have experienced huge breakthroughs as a result of them doing video marketing on YouTube. You might be wondering why YouTube? In this article, I will take you through why you need to use YouTube for marketing, and I will spill some deep secret no guru will want to tell you about YouTube.

Why YouTube?

Google owns YouTube, and your videos on YouTube ranks higher on Google even more than most optimized and back linked articles on the web. Most top leaders, celebrities, and influencers use videos on YouTube to communicate or reach out to their fans or audience.

Any lead earned through YouTube is usually quantified as a quality lead. After posting a video on YouTube, you stand a chance of getting traffic and leads every single day. An average video takes about an hour or two before it start receiving visitors and leads. A well-crafted video takes about 3-5 minutes, especially if its already on your blog or other websites.

A Mindset Shift You Need To Breakthrough In YouTube Marketing

Before you can have a breakthrough with video marketing, you need to shake off from the shackles of the fear of criticism, ridicule, and stage fright. Fear will throw you off balance and will deprive you of your confidence. Just be yourself, be real, be genuine, and don’t be afraid.

Powerful YouTube Marketing Tools You Shouldn’t Ignore

YouTube freely gives you powerful tools that when fully exploited, you can create excellent content which will end in an effective marketing strategy.

The following are powerful YouTube tools you do not know about:

  1. YouTube Capture

YouTube capture is a tool that enables you to create live videos on the go. With YouTube capture, you can record as many clips as you want. Besides, you can edit the videos and then add a soundtrack at your convenience. When this video is ready, you can upload it on YouTube and even share it across all your social media.

2. YouTube video editor

YouTube video editor is another powerful YouTube video editing tool that can be used to trim your clips or any part of your video. This tool also allows you to combine two or more videos, add background music to your videos, add text effects, insert translation to your videos.

Its functionality is wow!; it also allows you to adjust the color, lighten up your videos, and it also allows you to alter the speed of the videos play.

3. YouTube captions

This remarkable and powerful tool allows you to create, add, edit, and also remove subtitles and captions. This tool opens up your video to a broader audience, including deaf and dump viewers.

4. YouTube analytics

This tool is usually overlooked because most people do not know its functionality. YouTube analytics displays data and statistics. This data enables you to determine the successes of your video marketing; it shows you the number of views you have gotten and the viewer’s demographics.

Take advantage of the tools mentioned above, create a YouTube video, and you are on your way to having a significant breakthrough in your YouTube marketing campaign. If you are new to YouTube Marketing, make sure that you read through all our posts in this category, leave comments and subscribe to our newsletters. Your success is our primary goal. Good luck.

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