Affiliate marketing has to do with earning money online through advertising or promoting other people’s products or services for a commission. Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way of making money without having to set up or go through the rioting of setting up a product at the initial stage of your journey to making money online.

Tip 1: Sign Up With An Affiliate Network

If you want to make money through affiliate marketing, then you have to first sign up with an affiliate network. This networks will be responsible for the products and services you will be promoting. They will provide you with banners and a unique affiliate link. 

Tip 2: Build A Website

You can promote an affiliate product by building a website, or by using other peoples website. My point is that you need a website before you can conveniently carry out all your affiliate marketing activities.

Tip 3: Drive Traffic To Your Website

Most affiliate marketers only develop content around their affiliate products. Posting information on your website about your affiliate products only is not enough; you need to drive quality traffic to your site. The critical point to remember here is that traffic is key. If your website or blog is not having traffic, you will not be able to sell your affiliate products or services. 

Tip 4: Split Test

At the early stage, you need to split test. By split testing, I mean you need to try out various products and services in other to pick out one that works well for you.

By split testing, you can determine which product has a strong market demand and which one does not. If you start with marketing a product that has low customer demand, you will never make enough money from it. If you do not split test your products before promoting them, you might end up struggling. 

Before you pick a product to promote, you need to have an idea or do research about the product. The reason for the research is to help you get an insight into the audience you need to target. The insight should be centered on sex, age, location and other parameters specified for conversion. 

This research can also be helpful while promoting or marketing your affiliate products.


Putting into practice the tips above can take you to whatever height you want to attain with affiliate marketing. If you want to know everything about affiliate marketing, then you need to go through our publication on affiliate marketing. We have published a handful of useful information you wouldn’t want to miss. Check them out here.

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