According to Alexa, after Google, Facebook is the most visited website in the world. The pace at which Facebook is growing is fast, and recent statistics shows that Facebook has over 300 million users, and these users spend 8 billion minutes online per day.

Hey! what do these statistics mean to you as an internet marketer? To me, it is a goldmine. 

The question frequently asked when it comes to Facebook marketing, is: “how do I position myself to promote my brand or business on Facebook?” and “how do I grasp the attention of the huge Facebook users?”. The purpose of this article is to take you through all the Facebook strategies you need to know and answer all the questions you have in mind. Let’s get started with the strategies:

1. Create A Professional Facebook ProfileĀ 

Your Facebook profile is as important as your online presence. You need to create a professional Facebook profile, starting from the name, profile picture and the posts you share on your timeline.

Fill in all the information required while creating your account, and take out time to carefully craft your Facebook profile.

If you have an existing account, kindly fill in your bio and all description required from you. 

2. Add Facebook FriendsĀ 

After creating a professional Facebook profile, do not wait for friends and clients to add you. Join Facebook groups in your niche and add friends. You can add 20 to 30 friends per day; this will boost the number of friends you can reach.

3. Build A Good Relationship With Your FB Friends

Once you have added new friends, develop a strong relationship with them. The perfect way to do this is by interacting with them through liking, commenting, sharing their posts as well as chatting.

While commenting on their Facebook posts, make sure that you keep it as simple as possible, and your comment must be in line with the post, most importantly, do not sell your services in the comment box, it’s unprofessional. 

4. Share Pictures And Videos

Do not resist to share your pictures and videos with your Facebook friends; it makes them feel they have known you for a very long period. You can share videos or photos of a networking event you attended, and you can as well share videos pitching them about your products and services.

In 2019 video marketing is the key. In a short video, you can describe yourself and the products you got to offer. Please make sure that in your video, you pay more attention to the benefits of your products or services. 

5. Make Use Of Facebook Notes

Do you have a website or blog? If no, you are missing out, and I would recommend you start blogging today (see reasons).

A Facebook note is an impeccable Facebook feature that you can use to make your website content visible to all your Facebook contacts. This feature has the capacity to increase your website traffic, and this will lead to sales and leads.


With the above Facebook marketing strategies, you can grow your business to the apex. 

Did we miss anything? If yes, comment below with any Facebook marketing strategy that has been helpful to you.

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