Facebook was first a social networking site, mainly for personal use. It had a principal aim of providing people with a platform to share their photos, videos, thoughts as well as interact with several other persons.

However, Facebook has expanded and added more features. Among the features added is the Facebook fan page which we will be discussing  in this article. 

The Facebook fan page was created specifically for businesses and public figures to connect with their customers and fans.

A Facebook fan page can be used as a conduit for marketing. It is an effective way of building your online presence. It’s easy to use, and with your Facebook fan page, you can create advertisement targeting the right location, gender, age, and interest. 

Facebook fan page ad, is ideal for getting traffic, leads and for capturing the awareness of your desired and targeted audience. These ads could be story ad, timeline ad or side ad. Facebook ad is relatively cheap as compared to other forms of PPC ad model. 

How To Create Facebook Ad Using Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook ad is easy to create even if you are not a techie. To create a Facebook ad, go to, input your website URL if you have any. After this, create an ad copy.

Pay close attention to your ad copy, make your ad title captivating, and in your ad description, make sure you include a call to action, and a relevant image if you choose to use images. Once you’re done with the ad copy, create a budget, bid, and metrics for your ad. 

Expanding Your Business With Facebook Ad

One exciting thing about Facebook marketing is using the fan page.

You have to fill out all the information about your fan page, keep all information brief and straight to the point. In addition to that, upload a profile picture that is related to your business. 

As soon as your Facebook fan page is ready, you can invite people to like your page, and anyone who likes your fan page will always receive an instant update about your post and the content you market or share. 

It is crucial to keep updating your Facebook fan page, and It is ideal for you to regularly post updates about your products and services. 

Building Your Customer Base Using Facebook Fan Page

Building your customer base using Facebook fan page involve running Facebook ads. A huge part of Facebook marketing/advertising is done using a Facebook fan page. These ads are aimed at age, gender, location, and other interests based on the user’s activities on Facebook. 

The ads should be targeted at promoting your products and services.

Payment For Ads

Payment for Facebook ad varies, depending on your country and location. I wouldn’t advise on any specific method of payment. You can make use of PayPal; if you do not have a PayPal account, you can make use of a credit card that allows you to initiate payments or transactions online.


Marketing your products and services using a fan page could be very exciting. With this method of marketing, you can reach a wide range of audience, and make more money. Facebook isn’t the only method of advertisement; if you are an affiliate marketer, we have documented other methods which you can use to promote your business. Please go through our posts to know more..

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