The worst thing about your computer is it getting damaged or giving you issues because of you misusing your computer. this could be very fraustrating, to avoid this, I will write on 10 things you need to avoid while using your computer. Adhering to this tips will make your computer function optimally for a very long period of time.

The following are 10 things you need to avoid while using your computer:

1. Do not force shut down your computer, you need to properly shut it down.

You do not need to force shut down your computer when you want to shut down your computer you need to properly shut it down by using the shutdown button as shown in the picture above. the only special case where you are permitted to force shut down your computer is when your hard disc or computer is not functioning optimally, then you can force shutdown to avoid damages to your hard disc  

2. Make use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

You might be wondering why you need a UPS. A UPS helps protect your compute from being damaged by an unexpected short circuit. 

3. Always Backup Your Files

It is very important you back up the files in your computer. there are so many ways to back up your files. You can back it up using a hard or an external hard drive, depending on the memory capacity of your files.

4. Avoid Damage to your Drive

To avoid damage on your hard drive, you need to run your scan disc or defragment function so as to avoid any potential damage on your hard disc.  

5. Do not force Remove Activated peripheral devices

Do not force remove any external activated device. Doing this could cause a negative influence or damage on your motherboard or connector socket. Before removing any activated peripheral on your computer, you need to first eject it.

6. Maintain Disk Space

You need to make sure that you do not use up all the space on your hard drive. It is advisable you leave a minimum of 500MB free space on your C: Drive. The reason for the space is so as to give your windows operating system enough space to function.  The absence of this space will cause your computer to malfunction such that your computer might lose it data or even get deformed. Delete files or software’s you are not suing frequently.  And if you are an heavy user, you can buy an external hard drive.

7. Turn Off Startup Apps

When you switch on your computer, you should not permit programs loading up as long as they consume inestimable amount of your computer’s memory and Windows Resources. In case you don’t use all programs in your Windows System Tray, it is recommended to lock them and let them load up after computer’s booting.

Do not permit some apps to auto start when you power on your computer. this apps slows down the rate at which your operating system works, and it also consume a reasonable amount of space on your computer. to disable start up apps, read here 

8. Install Antivirus

An antivirus helps protect your computer against virus which could cause harm to your computer. the are some free antivirus software you can start with and if you have few bucks you can space for this, then you can get a premium anti-virus..

10. Updated Software Versions

There are few updates that makes your computer function well. If you do not update your system, your computer might begin to malfunction. It is advisable that once in a while you update your computer so as to stay up to date and to also enjoy new updates.


The tips is to help you enjoy your computer and for your computer to serve you at its best. Most people do not know about these tips, and that’s why the keep struggling with their computer. now that you are at the right place where you get the right information stay up to date with all your posts, they are all tailored to serve you well. 

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