WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, share images, documents, user locations, and other media.

When WhatsApp was introduced, WhatsApp rendered BBM useless. Even with the fact that most users can’t exploit its features to the fullest. Almost all smartphone users widely use WhatsApp. As our member, we want you to maximize the usage of WhatsApp, and it features, based on this, we will be sharing WhatsApp tips and tricks you do not know. Read to the end.

Share Your Location To A Contact

WhatsApp allows you to share images, videos, documents and at the same time, share your location. 

This feature can be very helpful if your WhatsApp contact wants to meet you in a location he or she does not know. You simply share your location, and the person who intends to meet with you can trace you. 

Your location sharing can last for 15-8 hours, depending on the time frame you want to share. 

To share location, 

For Andriod, go to Chat → Specific chat → click on the paperclip to the right of the message box → select Location → Share Live Location → input the timeframe you need.

For iOS, go to Chat → Specific chat → Tap on “+” to the left of the message box, click on Location → Share Live Location, and then input your time frame.

Use WhatsApp On Computer

Do you know that WhatsApp is not limited to your phone, you can also use it on your computer? To use WhatsApp on your computer, open your preferred web browser and go to

When the web page is open, go to your settings on WhatsApp mobile app, then click on WhatsApp web and it will prompt you to scan the QR code on your web browser. Do that, and your WhatsApp will be synced.

Change Your Whatsapp Chat Screen Wallpaper

For Android and iOS: Settings → Chats → Chat Wallpaper → Choose Wallpaper

Require Face ID or Touch ID to unlock WhatsApp

If you want double security on your WhatsApp chats, you can set your WhatsApp account to require Face ID or Touch ID authentication before opening WhatsApp

To do this, go to your Settings → Account → Privacy → Screen Lock → click on Require Face ID / Require Touch ID > Select the time duration

Turn Off Your Last Seen

last seen feature allows you to see when someone was last seen online on WhatsApp. 

To disable your last seen on iOS & Android, go to Settings → Account → Privacy → Last Seen → Switch to Nobody.

Turn Off Your Read (Those Blue Ticks)

Those tick blue lines can put you into trouble, especially if you read a message and ignore it. To turn off your read sign, 

For Android: go to WhatsApp Settings → Account → Privacy → Untick Read Receipts.

For iOS: go to WhatsApp Settings → Account → Privacy → Toggle off Read Receipts.

Hide Your Profile Picture Or Show It To Your Contacts Only

To do this, for iOS & Android: Go to WhatsApp → Settings → Account → Privacy → Profile Photo.

Block A Whatsapp Contact

To block a WhatsApp contact, on iOS & Android. Go to your WhatsApp Chats → Specific chat → Tap on contact subject at the top → Scroll down to the bottom → Block Contact. 

Stop Images And Video Appearing In Your Phone Gallery

For iOS: Settings →Chats →Toggle off Save to Camera Roll.

For Android: Settings →Chats →Toggle off Show Media in Gallery.

Change Automatic Image/Video Downloading Preferences

iOS: Chat → Specific chat → Tap on contact or subject at the top of display → Save to Camera Roll → Set to Always or Never. 

Turn words bold, Italic or strikethrough.

To make a word bold 

For iOS & Android: Add an asterisk either side of the word (*bold*) to make it bold. 

To make a word italic

For iOS & Android, Add an underscore either side of the word or phrase (_italic_), to make it italics.

To make a strikethrough a word

For iOS & Android, Add tildes to either side of the word (~strikethrough~)

Pin An Important Chat To The Top

For iOS: Chats → Swipe left to right → Pin Chat.

For Android: press and hold chat → pin at the top of the screen.

Back Up Your Chats

It is advisable you backup your chats, so you don’t lose them if you misplace your phone or change phone. 

To back up your WhatsApp chats on iOS & Android, go to Settings → Chats → Chat Backup → Back Up Now.

Bookmark Or Star Important Messages

Some messages are more important than others, and you can Bookmark or star your important messages. To bookmark or star important messages, 

On iOS, go to WhatsApp Chats → Specific chat → Specific message → Double-tap or hold down and press star.

On Android: Chats → Specific chat → Specific message → Hold down and press star.

Customize Your Whatsapp Notifications

There are some certain contacts you don’t joke with, and on the basis of this, you might want to customize their notification such that when they call or message you, you can quickly identify them. to do this, on 

iOS & Android: Chats → Specific chat → Tap on contact name at top → Custom Notifications.

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