I am a fan of watching movies and this morning while I was seeing a movie on my computer, my best friend noticed me watching the movie, he immediately bought his phone cord and pleaded I send the movie to him. I gave him the go-ahead to plug in his USB, and unfortunately, when plugged in his phone didn’t show on the computer, we tried other cords, and it wasn’t working, and then we tried another phone with the same cord, and it worked.

My friend yielded, there is a problem, LinkedFox, what might be wrong with my phone? In less than a minute, I helped him fix the bug. And in this article, I will be sharing what I did to fix the bug.

If you are having this same issue or if you want to broaden your knowledge, join me as I write on how to fix the issue if your phone is not connecting to a computer.

The best way to fix this is to enable developer option on your android phone or tablet. To enable developer option, open settings on your device and scroll to the button of the page, and you will find “About Phone,” as shown on my phone screen below.

Scroll down to the bottom of the About Phone screen page, and you will find  build number as shown below

Tap on the builder number seven times, and the developer option will be enabled. As you tap, you will notice a countdown stating how many taps are left for you to become a developer. For example, if you tab four times and it is left with three more tabs. You will receive a notification, as shown below.

When you are done, you will receive a congratulatory message saying, “You are now a developer!”.

Once you are a developer, tap back, and a developer options menu will appear just above “About Phone” in your settings home, as shown below.

Now, let’s get to the business of the day.

On the developer option, scroll down to the USB debugging section and enable USB debugging.

When this is done, your phone can now function well on the computer. I am glad you read to the end. If you have any phone or tech issue, there is a search feature on the top right of the site. Use it, and you are sure to find a solution.

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