Facebook is where the majority of your clients are. With Facebook advertisement, you can put your business in the face of your prospect.

How can you advertise on Facebook without  knowing the different types of Facebook ads available for you? Today, I will be stating the different types of Facebook ads at your disposal. The knowledge of this will help you decipher the best ad suitable for your business.

Types of Facebook ads

  • Image Ads

Image ad is the most regular ads. I can bet you that most people do not know other Facebook advertisement types exist. With image ad, you need a quality image to run your ad. The model must be non-offensive

 and straightforward. You can use this to advertise your product. 

  • Video ads

Video ads are indispensable if you are running ads that his centered on “how to”, courses, and other related stuff that you have to show your prospect a part of what you got to offer on the inside.

Video ads run in newsfeed and stories. 

The videos for your ads do not necessarily have to be video footage; you can create Gif and other animation that explains your idea. GIF and other animation are classified as videos.

  • Video poll ads

You might be wondering why video ads and now video poll ads, what’s the difference? Video poll ads and video ads are alike, but the difference is that video poll ads are only for mobile Facebook feed, while video ads cut across all users. 

In a case where your products or ads is narrowed to mobile users, it is advisable you for video poll ad.

  • Carousel ads

With carousel ads, you can use up ten videos and images to display your products or services, all in one ad. With carousel ad, you can explain various benefits of one product, two or more products and you can also use it to create a panorama image as shown below 

  • Slideshow ads
Image result for Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads can help you create a short video from a collection of various photos, text. The most interesting thing about slideshow as is that if you do not have an existing photo, Facebook offers you numerous stocks from ads manager.

Slideshow ads are more like video ads, but it is uses less bandwidth, and it loads fast even with a slow internet connection.

  • Collection ads

Collection ads are only for mobile uses, this type of ads, allows you to display four products that your customers can click to buy. 

The type of ads, allow your prospect to buy your product even without having to leave Facebook. Your ad can come in the form of a video or image. 

  • Instant Experience ads
Amex Facebook ad

Instant experience ads was formally known as Canvas. This type of ad helps businesses expand their mobile ad by means of increasing the speed at which your landing page load. They are 15 times faster than the landing page on the web.  

It is easy to create, it loads fast, and it is suitable for any goal

  • Messenger ads
Image result for Messenger ads

Facebook messenger ads give you access to over 1.3 billion people who make active use of messenger. While creating a messenger ad, also choose newsfeed as your option.

Stories ads

Using a story ad can increase your business output. Recent research shows that 62% people became more interested in a product after seeing it in their Facebook story ad.

Are you advertising with Facebook? If no, take advantage of this advertising medium. We have written a well-explained article on how to run your first campaign on Facebook.

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