Before now, a Facebook account was never a hit point for hackers. There was absolutely no reason to hack anyone’s Facebook account.

The story seems to have changed in recent times, and this could be attributed to the fact that Facebook has over 1 million users and contains useful data which hackers can utilize for blackmail or monetary gain. For instance, the Facebook account of a user with many followers can be hacked for the purpose of advertising. 

There is a certainty that anybody’s account can be hacked for different reasons; therefore, it is vital to secure your account.

 The fun thing is; protecting your Facebook account is very easy. Just follow the steps below, and you will be saved at all time.

1) Avoid clicking on the save password pop-up on public devices

Using Cybercafés, another person’s laptops, as well as phone devices, remains the most reasonable alternatives when you are out of data on your device. This is on its own is not a problem, but where it becomes a problem is when you hit ‘yes’ on the “save the password” dialogue box.

You might be clicking on the yes button due to the rush you are facing while browsing. But it is worthy of note that at all times and by all cost, never save your password on devices you do not have control over- the password will remain on the device, and anyone can log into your account with ease.

2) Never forget to log out on other devices

Not saving your password is a crucial point to keep in mind and put to action, but it is not the only rule. Leaving your account logged in on other devices exposes your account to hacking. 

Note that even if you close the browser after a session, Facebook will see it as a continuous session for a while, and if anyone comes in right after you closed the browser, he would have access to your account and every detail on it.

Therefore, it is of outermost importance that you log out of the browser you are using. 

3) Use two-way verification

Two-way verification sends an authentication message to your phone every time you or anyone tries to access your account. 

Enabling two-way verification will enable Facebook to ask for a code if they notice an attempted login from an unrecognized device or browser. Using this method gives you ultimate rule over your account.

To enable two-way verification, go to setting on your Facebook account, navigate to settings and security and scroll down to     “Use two-factor authentication” and enable it. 

4) Protect yourself from malware and spyware

Hacking problems are not only web-based. You can be hacked through malicious software you may have unknowingly installed on your computer.

You can use malware, adware, and spy removers.

Facebook has also devised and added tools that can help keep your account safe and secure. Below are tips on how to use these tools: 

The first and ultimate tip is you choose a password that is difficult guess and at the same time, one you would easily remember.

The next time I would love to share is to change your privacy settings to hide your email address from your profile (since your email can be used to log into your Facebook account). Here is how to go about it:

  1. Visit your About page after successfully logging into your account.
  2. Click Contact and Basic Info option that is on the left-hand column.
  3. Click the Edit button when it pops up.
  4. Click the first down arrow at the right-hand side of the email address you used to sign in your Facebook and select the “only me” option.
  5. Click the down arrow on your screen and select Hidden from Timeline.
  6. You can repeat steps 4 and 5 for any other email addresses you wish to hide from the public.
  7. Finally, remember to click on the Save changes option.

Hiding your email address and choosing a secure password is an excellent choice but the final thing to do is to use the Two-factor authentication, this gives you fool-proof lock on your account login page.


This post has provided you with all the tips and necessary information to protecting your device from third parties and hackers. All you need to do is take out time to implement these tips carefully, and you will be confident that your account cannot be hacked.

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