If Facebook ad is not inclusive in your marketing campaign, you are missing out of the big plan and an opportunity to make more money.

Obviously, Facebook is one of the best platforms for running ads. When your advertisement is appropriately targeted, you can get the best out of the campaign.

To help you make more money, we have documented more proven tips for running Facebook ads. The tips include:

  • Make Use Of Facebook Multi-Product Advertisement¬†
Facebook Ads for eCommerce

As the name implies, Facebook multi-product ads permit you to advertise various products at the same time. Make use of this type of ads, and you will achieve a better result.

  • Run Retargeting Ads

If you have been watching Facebook ads, you will understand that most customers leave an ad without completing the purchase. Research and statistics show that 72% of the people that visit an ad end up leaving without purchasing and 8% comes back to buy the product.

You have to understand that 100% of the people that visits your ad are interested in your goods or services and most at times why they don’t end up purchasing is because they are probably distracted or something came up and then had to leave without buying. Often, most people come back to visit your ads but end up not being able to locate it.

Retargeting the folks who once visited your ad is where the money is. You can create a retargeting campaign with discounts or coupon.

  • Use Conversion Tracking Pixel

A conversion pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that places a blank 1 x 1 pixel image on your website. When users visit a page of your website with an installed conversion pixel, the pixel will ping Facebook and record their visit and information, such as whether they saw any of your ads. 

Always make use of conversion tracking pixel, it allows you to track the number of conversions you receive from your ad.

  • Use Video for your Advertisements¬†
facebook for ecommerce

Facebook prioritise videos. If your ads is a video ad, you stand a better chance of reaching a wider audience. Using the right video for your ads will increase your return on investment.

  • Offer Discount

Humans are wired to embrace discount. If you offer discount people who are not actively in search of your product or services will end up patronising you.  

  • Let Your Posts Not be Centered On Selling
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The mind is wired to stay away from obvious ad because many people are serving the same or similar products or services. Make your ads look very attractive and make it appear there is something in for your targeted audience.


Have it in mind that Facebook is the largest and fast-growing social media in the world. If you follow the secrets shared in this article, you are sure of a  successful Facebook campaign.

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