Having an excellent knowledge of what kindle publishing is and how to works like solving the first half of a puzzle, the other half which needs to be solved is how to advertise your Kindle book, so as to make money from amazon.

Below are accurate pointers on how to advertise your kindle books:

  1. Prepare Your Marketing Channels While You’re Writing Your eBook

If you already have a running/active blog and mailing list, you have a head start on your ebook marketing. All you need do is write a teaser content about your ebook launch, contests and give away free copies to promote your eBook in ePub or PDF format. 

To also boost your progress, you can ask your readers who received the free copy to review your ebook so that the reviews are made available early.

However, if you do not have a blog or mailing list, you can promote through building a landing page or use any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), to advertise your publication. 

2. Pay discrete attention to your kindle Book cover 

To attract your targeted audience to your kindle book, your title and cover page must be as excellent as the content or even more.

On your cover page, your title must be: easy to remember, must be different from any other ebook or copyrighted material, must tally with who or what your ebook is out to address, must be understandable and explainable and must be captivating. 

Secondly, the visual design of your ebook cover needs to be professional-looking and compelling. This design should convey the overall message embedded in the pages of your ebook so that your readers could get firsthand knowledge of the hidden gold your book is made of.

Your book cover has the capacity to market itself.

3. Optimize Your eBook Description For Amazon Search   

If you want your ebook to be found by the right set of people( your targeted audience), then amazon search is your help. One of the things amazon search will index is your ebook description.

Make sure to use the keywords in your ebook description in the right context so that amazon could find your book.

4. Make Your eBook Available In Diverse Formats 

The choices of format differ from person to person. Majority of people will want the Kindle digital format; meanwhile, there is still a population who will what have the ebooks as audiobooks or even hard copy books. Therefore, to promote your ebook, try to get the total population involved- what I mean is create different formats.

5. Request Reviews

Reviews of eBooks are another strategy that will aid potential buyers of your ebook in deciding whether or not to buy it. You can reach out to bloggers in your niche whom you have already established a relationship with and provided them with a free copy of your ebook for review. You can also ask for reviews from friends, family, colleagues etc. This can go along way in marketing and selling your book.

6. Set The Right Price

This part could be very tricky. Before setting your price, consider the following factors: 

  • How much value your ebook provides
  • How much your target audience can afford
  • How much the ebooks on your niche are sold for
  • How much you need to sell for at least the first months to be able to get back your cost of producing the book. 

Getting all these right would help you settle for a good price.

7. Use Your eBbooks As Marketing Tools

Most times, money earned here is not earned directly (from actual sale), the money is made when you turn your readers to subscribers and finally to customers. This can be achieved through hyperlinking.

You can recommend niche related products in your book and embed affiliate link in it, and when your reader purchase the product, you get an affiliate commission, which could range from 50% to 70% of the selling price.   


Before you publish your Kindle book, you will need to preview your copy and also test the links embedded in your book. It is important to keep your links relevant, do not attempt to game the system and never plagiarize. With all these in place, the sky is your starting point. 

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