If you are advertising your business on Facebook, and you haven’t gotten the expected results, it could be as a result of these simple mistakes.

In this article, I will be sharing the five most common Facebook advertising mistakes that can ruin the efforts you put into a Facebook campaign and how to fix these mistakes. Note that these mistakes are not just peculiar to me, I have gotten complains from several advertisers, and we have decided to address it in this article.

  1. Not Using The Full Ads Manager

What I mean by not using full Ads Manager is when you are only boosting your post from your Facebook page- which is generally known as participating in Facebook easy money grab, where you spend the same amount of money, get less functionality and therefore get worse results. 

Boosting posts is just one out of the twelve advertising objectives at your disposal, but you can’t know that if you just looked at your Facebook page and not the Ads Manager.

The most significant results in advertising come from using the full Ads Manager. This is so because when you use the ads manager, your campaigns have a proper structure and at each level, you have more functionality, thereby yielding great results. 

To Fix This

To fix this mistake, do not boost your post, create suitable advertising campaigns in your Facebook Ads manager and use the most effective and efficient objective for your desired result.

2. Wrong Choice Of Advertising Objective

When using the Ads Manager, the first and proper thing to do when you create a new campaign is to decide what advertising objective to employ.

This is vital because if you choose the wrong objective, your campaign is sure to fail even before being launched.

To know more about Facebook advertising objectives, read here.

  • To fix this

The only way to fix this is by knowing your advertising objectives- having it in mind. 

3. Not Refining Your Audience Targeting

At the Ad Set level of your campaign, you have to choose your audience targeting, amongst other things like campaign schedule and Ads placement. 

Your targeting is the most crucial and essential element of your ad campaign, and if not chosen correctly, it can negatively affect your campaign. The simple question to ask is, who is your target audience, because the more specific you are, the better the results you will get.

  • The Fix

To pick your targeted audience, you must consider the following: their gender, location, age, income and affluence, and interest (e.g., the type of people they follow as well as the tools they use).

4. Not Installing Conversion Tracking

All the effort put into researching and setting up a new Facebook ad campaign can be useless and insignificant if you are not tracking the results and optimizing the campaign.

If you do no install the right tracking system, you will not have the ability to track your ROI to the last penny.

Campaign tracking on Facebook originates your Facebook Pixel.- which is a piece of code you install on every page of your website so that when anyone visits your site from any source, they get tagged by the pixel, and matched on Facebook. With this, you can start building a custom audience of people who have visited your site. For more information on this, read here

  • The Fix

Make sure you install Facebook Pixel and also install conversion code where necessary so that you can track the specific action you want someone to take. 

5. Impatience 

This is also a popular mistake made by many. It all comes down to lack of patience; most people fail to fund their campaign for a long-enough time, especially when targeting cold audience/ traffic.

The rule of thumb to be used is to run a campaign to at least 100 clicks or spend double the amount you’d be willing to pay for an opt-in.

  • The Fix

The solution here is to have more patience, especially if you have low daily budget campaigns.


All the mistakes mentioned above are both easy to make and also easy to fix. Nonetheless, making these mistakes slows down your campaign and can as well crash it. Therefore, when beginning a campaign, be sure to look out for all these mistakes and properly avoid them. With all these in mind, you are sure to get the very best out of your Facebook ads campaign.

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