The feeling of stress and being overwhelmed from day to day is normal, but it becomes harmful to health when it becomes regular. Stress affects the mind and body and can result in illnesses like stroke, health diseases, depression, and stomach disorders.

It is crucial to know the causes of stress in order to be able to avoid them.

Below are a list and proper explanation of causes of stress and ways to avoid them.

1. Rehashing Stressful Situations

Rehashing a stressful situation over and over again will make you go through more stress. The brain cannot differentiate between present thought and a past occurrence; therefore, if you are thinking about an ugly incident, you will experience stress responses in your body.

In order to get rid of this habit, all you need do is change the way you think about most situations- by replacing the thoughts with positive ones.

2. Worst-Case-Scenario Thinking

Paying attention to the possible negative outcome of an event increases exposure to stress. The question is: why worry about something when really don’t know when, why and how it will happen.

To curb this situation, you should live in the present and slow down and analyze things properly. 

3. Procrastination

Procrastination is a common word that plays out in daily life activities. Everyone procrastinates for different reasons, but in most cases, people procrastinate because of the fear of what they have to do. This fear would cause frustration and stress.

The solution here is to take up projects bit by bit rather than trying to solve them at once.

4. Being Late

Being late can cause anger as well as mental stress.

If lack of time is the reason why you often get late, then be sure that activity will fit perfectly into your schedule before saying yes to it. And be conscious of saying no to obligations and events where necessary.

5. Lurking or Oversharing on Social Media

This may sound weird at first, but look at it more closely. Oversharing on social media can create stress. This is because when you overshare, you unconsciously grade your self-worth and self-esteem based on the likes you get and comments about your post. This leaves you vulnerable, upon to hurt and emotional stress.

Avoid this particular stress element by placing personal boundaries and setting a small amount of time from your schedule to check your social media platforms. 

6. Clutter in Your Home or Office

An unclean environment has a way of messing with your brain. Most specifically, a clustered workbench or office can give you an overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed feeling. Also, arranging a cluttered office all at one will be very stressful.

To solve this, start by decluttering your work environment bit by bit. And learn to keep your space arranged and as tidy as possible.

7. Worrying About Money, You’ve Already Spent

Having thoughts of money already spent is a way of dwelling in the past. Continuously recounting your unwise spending over in your mind will only cause mental stress. You can never unspent already spent money, so why give yourself double trouble?

To avoid this stress, you should focus on the present thing, which is finding a way to control your expenses.


This article has provided the seven causes of stress and how to curb stress or avoid stressors. Reading alone could only help a little. Practicing stress-free habit will be very beneficial. 

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