About Us® believe there is a better way to do marketing and indeed, optimize your business and standard of living. There are more valuable, less invasive ways yet highly competitive strategies where customers are earned rather than bought.® brings to the fore the reasons and ways to earn knowledge and income seamlessly. We’re obsessively passionate and committed to these. Thus, our mission is to help people like you achieve it. Our focus is on search engine optimization (SEO), information technology, online marketing and business, internet utility and healthy lifestyle. We will be delighted to simplify SEO, online marketing and business healthy lifestyle amongst others for everyone through our webpage, video, community et cetera.

Our founding

Feemanfox was founded by Freeman Fox a renown online marketer and blogger. It was called Freemanfox, and started as a blog and an online community where some of the world’s first SEO and health experts and bloggers shared their research, ideas and opinions.